Gently cleanses dry hair which, regains suppleness & softness. Suitable for dry and slightly sensitized hair it can be use in association with the Nourishing Balm and the Nourishing Oil to deeply nourish the fiber up to the tips. Good for the environment: This bottle can be refilled directly in salon up to 3 times to save the equivalent of the weight of a bottle every three refills hence a 30%reduction of plastic used. Go to your salon locator to find your closest shampoo bar. Star Ingredients: Source Nourishing routines contain jasmin flower, known for it's soothing properties, and seasme oil in order to deeply nourish. Perfume top notes: Bergamot, Orange, and oat milk. We have nothing to hide: This is why we share everything.

• Natural & Vegan with 96% naturally derived ingredients, our formulas do not contain animal derived ingredienst or by-products • Free from silicone for a natural hair feel.

Source Essentielle Nourishing Shampoo