Respects the scalp and gently cleanses the hair, which regains lightness, suppleness and shine Good for the environment: This bottle can be refilled directly in salon up to 3 times to save the equivalent of the weight of a bottle every three refills hence a 30% reduction of plastic used. Go to your salon locator to find your closest shampoo bar. Star Ingredients: Source Delicate routines contain Calendula flowers, known for their revitalizing yet soothing properties, and Chamomile extract to reinforce and add shine. Perfume top notes: Green & Citrus We have nothing to hide: this is why we share everything.

• Natural & Vegan with 80% of naturally derived ingredients, our formula do not contain nanimal derived ingredient or by-product • Free from silicone for a natural hair feel.

Source Essentielle Delicate Shampoo 300ml